Electronic Visa for Brazil now available for Canadians as of 2018

When I started my backpacking trip through South America, Brazil wasn’t on the itinerary. Don’t get me wrong, Brazil would be sick to visit, but while researching the possibility it appeared it would be quite complicated to get the travel visa for Brazil. I would have to fill out a bunch of forms, send my passport off to Toronto, plus pay the fee of 150 dollars. Long story short, I thought it was too much of a hassle, especially cause my trip was coming up quickly… and I tend to be a person who leaves things to the last minute.

About halfway through my trip in Ecuador, I came across a post online saying that it was now possible for Canadians to get an electronic visa to visit Brazil, as of 2018. My travel is quite flexible, so I thought screw it, let’s do it. While in Argentina I applied for my e visa for Brazil and viola, I am now in Brazil sounding like a two-year-old trying to communicate.

Given the fact this is a brand-new option for Canadians to go to Brazil, the information online is scarce and quite confusing. Below I will go through the simple steps on how to get the electronic visa for Brazil, the cheapest, fastest and securest way, all online.

(The visa is also now available for Nationals of Australia, Japan, and USA)

Go Direct through the official Brazilian Government Page for the Visa

When attempting to apply for the electron visa for Brazil, I came across a few sites that offered the visa, for a number of different prices. Several them seem quite sketchy to be honest, with no guarantee you would actually receive the visa. Luckily at the time, I was in Mendoza, Argentina, and they had a Brazilian Consulate. So, after a couple hours of reading confusing information online, I headed off to the consulate to ask in person.

Although there are a number of intermediaries offering the electronic visa none of these are better than simply going to the official Government of Brazil page. Unfortunately, if you don’t have this link, it can be hard to find. Because many of these intermediary companies have better Search Engine Optimization and rank higher in a google search. The intermediaries are just out to make a quick buck, charging higher prices, with higher delivery times. So skip the middleman and go straight to the source.

What documents do you need for your Brazilian e – visa and how much does it cost?

The documents you need for the electronic visa as a Canadian are quite simple and straightforward.

The main things that you will need are

  1.       A digital headshot of yourself. Just like any other passport photo you have take in the past (Specifications here)
  2.       A scanned digital copy of your passport.
  3.       A filled out a form for the reason for your visit
  4.       A credit card to complete the payment of $40 USD

(I always recommend protecting any purchase you make online and a VPN is always a safe bet. Check out this blog on how to keep your personal information safe while using the internet to make purchases or while traveling.

How long will it take for me to receive my electronic visa for Brazil

If you read the details online, the electronic visa will take around 4 business days. Quite nice compared to the previous alternative of sending your passport in and waiting weeks on end for a response.

I was a bit skeptical of the turn around time, but after submitting my visa application, I received my e-visa only 3 days later. I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of the entire process.


What does the visa look like?

Below is a picture of my personal electronic visa for Brazil. It is a one page document that you simply print off and bring along with you when you cross into Brazil. There they will take a quick look, stamp your passport, and you’re free to explore this massive country for 90 days.


Enjoy your time exploring Brazil!

It’s never been easier, or cheaper for Canadians to visit Brazil. I highly recommend if you’re taking a trip down to South America, to try to work it into your plan. Follow the steps above and you can be on the beaches of Brazil in less than a week. So what’s holding you back?

Safe travels!