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Best way to get around a city while traveling – Bike travel

I have always been a fan of slow travel. Traveling shouldn’t be a race. Quality over quantity wins 100 percent of the time, with Bike travel being one of my preferred traveled methods. I usually break slow travel down into… Continue Reading →

Two Small Tips to Save Money While Traveling in Argentina

If you have done any research about traveling in Argentina, you’ve probably heard it’s not the cheapest country in South America. Compared to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru or Bolivia, it’s actually quite expensive. But just like traveling anywhere, there’s always ways… Continue Reading →

How to Get a Travel Visa for Brazil as a Canadian

Electronic Visa for Brazil now available for Canadians as of 2018 When I started my backpacking trip through South America, Brazil wasn’t on the itinerary. Don’t get me wrong, Brazil would be sick to visit, but while researching the possibility… Continue Reading →

How to Stay Protected on Public Wifi – VPN for Travel

Ever been worried logging into sensitive sites on public wifi networks while traveling? Well, the honest truth is if not, you probably should be. Going online on public networks is a legitimate concern these days. Whether you’re checking your bank… Continue Reading →

How to avoid getting sick while traveling, or at least overcome it

Traveling can help foster some of the most amazing memories we ever create. Vacations are generally action-packed, moving from one unforgettable activity to the next. But when sickness strikes, your vacation can go from memories of white sand beaches to… Continue Reading →

How to find cheap plane tickets, plus one trick to help you save serious cash

A lot of people think travel is expensive, and dishing out big bucks is just the price you pay if you want a nice vacation. But it really doesn’t have to be that way. Accommodation aside, the cost of your… Continue Reading →

3 simple ways to have the best travel experience possible

Sometimes, especially on longer trips, I start to second guess myself and wonder what the heck I am doing with my travels. Sure I am probably immersed in a new city, a new country, and a new culture, but am… Continue Reading →

6 Ways to Passively Learn a Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language is truly fulfilling yet completely frustrating at the same time. One day you can feel you are really starting to get a handle on the language, the next you feel like you can’t even understand the… Continue Reading →

9 Jobs that allow you to travel full time (without extensive education or training)

Do you have a burning desire to travel to new places? Constantly find yourself checking flights and travel deals? Many people dream about traveling full time, but never actually make it a reality. Well, whether you are seriously considering taking… Continue Reading →

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