Tons of people want to travel, but something holds them back. In the past I have talked about how to save money on travel, stay safe while traveling, etc. But maybe those things are not what’s holding you back. Maybe you don’t want to travel because you have no one to go with. I get it, traveling alone can be scary. Especially, if you have done little to no backpacking in the past. The thought of just setting off on your own does sound a little crazy. Well, the crazy thing is, it’s actually extremely easy to make friends while traveling. Honestly making friends while traveling is easier than making friends in your home city. I truly believe that.

If I waited for friends to agree on travel plans, I’d probably never actually go anywhere. You may be worried about meeting people and making friends while traveling, but trust me, you don’t need to be. You will meet people. It’s almost impossible not to.

However, if traveling alone and being lonely is your fear, here’s 5 travel tips on how to make friends while traveling. If the first 4 don’t work, I guarantee #5 will 😉

  1. Be a social traveler

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you have probably made a friend. This isn’t a new experience. Simply starting a conversation with someone is the best way to do it. Not sure what to talk about? Talk about the same freaking thing every backpack talks about at first. Where are you from? Where are you going ? If you cloned yourself, and then you and your clone hooked up, is that masturbation, or a gay experience? Where are you coming from? How long have you been traveling? How long will you be traveling?

You know the basic questions all travelers ask.

There’s a good chance you will ask and answer these questions daily. Well maybe not the clone one but the rest are valid. Be social and good chance you’ll make friends in a flash when you traveling alone.

  1. Ask someone what their plans are for the day

If they have been there a bit, maybe you can get some good suggestions. Or maybe they want to see the same things as you. Invite them to join you for the day or maybe they will invite you first. Bonding over common travel destinations and attractions is a great way to meet someone to spend the day with.

  1. Offer to cook a meal with someone or eat together

Everyone has to eat. Myself more than most I’ve noticed. If you meet some other people, see if they want to cook together. Cooking alone can suck if you’re just one. Splitting the cooking and ingredients is a much better option. After all if you’re backpacking for a long time, chances are you’re just making pasta anyways. If not, maybe you’ll even learn how to cook something new!

traveling alone

  1. Look for other people who are traveling alone

Chances are it will be easier to make friends with people who are also traveling alone. Now this isn’t always the case, but it’s way easier to go up to one person, than a whole group of people. See if you can’t find someone who is traveling alone at your hostel, and connect with them. Chances are they are looking for a friends to share some travel experiences with as well.

    5. When in doubt, alcohol?

Now I am sort of joking about this… but not really. Going out for drinks with people is a great way to meet a bunch of travelers in a social setting. Many hostels organize pub crawls (sometimes for a terrible price I may add). Still, it’s a good way to meet other guests. If you don’t drink, no worries you can still go out and not drink. And if going out isn’t your thing, just stick to the four tips above. I guarantee you’ll make some friends. Don’t let solo travel prevent you from traveling.

traveling alone

If the only reason you aren’t traveling is because you don’t want to be traveling alone, don’t let that stop you. And if also if you are a solo female traveler, that shouldn’t stop you either. You will meet people all the time. Sometimes for just a few hours. Sometimes for weeks on end. You will make tons of friendships and meet people from all over this world. Just be social, be polite, and be inviting. And if all else fails, tequila.

Safe travels,


P.S sometimes you will meet people who you don’t vibe with at all. It’s natural, just keep being the cool person you are and travel on. Looking for more travel tips? Check out some past blogs  or my top 18 travel tips from 2018!